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this site takes pride in being
congruent to that old-school
Web 1.06098783 flavour

Mainly, because! I am figuring this out as I go along.
& that's OK
               in conquest of palatable palette

and most certainly because: social media site layouts have no explorative rhythm.




Internal monologues are a must
nature and spirit are who we trust
& represent your truest soul
honour life's lessons
Liven   the   Tarot
with mind scapes full
Hello, What are the proximities
between awareness, and reflection,
when the eternal study finds
patience met
with a practice of attention?
What can we do with attention?



*celebrate the ego and
  desecrate the ego.
celebrate life merrily&
w. humor

Ego needs to be
belecrated* and challenged
Strengthen, define your
Receptors of Awareness. increase

lome marsupial enjoying myself


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