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I'm getting around to setting up t-shirt graphic printing _GRUMBLES_ maybe I should screenprint them myself, aye!? _GRUMBLES!_ When I have that figured out I will add it to here. _GRUMBLES_ if you want to just purchase an experience of donating me money _GRUMBLES_ you can use the cashapp thing linked here! [ $lomemarsupial ]I'd never used that until the latter bit of 2023. So I sold out and accept donations now. _GRUMBLES_

If I know people are interested in things, I will list them. I like making hand made things. If u know me in person that's easier.
I should get an etsy, maybe!? Redbubble went haywire and really bad on their user base.

You can ASK record stores to carry my albums!

Also you can PURCHASE an all expense trip
for me to travel to YOU and feed me breakfast
and go all sorts of places!



Services [info pages coming soon]
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If you want to help out a 'lil you can support me on Patreon, clickable here
Where I, when I am able to, post processes of creations and some extra songs. Some introspections and rants and previews along the way to new creations.

That support, or purchases of prints or music,etc helps pay for the music streaming service fees and this web hosting. Or hard drive space and maybe some new packs of strings and putting energies back into creative output.

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