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"mile high anxiety" 12/06/2009

"Been to smokey hills" 11/2009

"fortify my fun hurt" 07-13-2023-
"you've dunnit,hah!" 07-13-2023-
"wayside again" 07-13-2023

"Grey Drift II" 08/07/2008

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maybe wild ancient
species will re-invent,


Memories are stagnant residue floating around the ether




why not let's us all gather creative potentials
together and make documentation of
music soloings and groups, performances,
and such
we could film such.
Local access (public TV) still does drop offs for film work
plus it could be put onto regular video services.


No stern or heavy footed requirements of expectations
and a creative collaboration kind of thing.

Is an idea. I myself want to put that effort in before I croak and I know you's all are abundant in
skills and passion and it's cool ye and all have different styes.

I mean styles. Styes are those eye things. Not like 'mumps.' Nobody get mumps.

and compliation CD projects.
Can drop them off to
green star, barnelds and nobbels, angry moom,
or leave rogue copies hidden around in dry safe spots.

etc. etc. Have eaten too many espresso ball chocolates yet again so project ideas exasperate.

Moo I'm a cow watch me graze the grass.
















Rock'n'Roll is the catharsis of transmuting pain and social disconnect, and altogether having far too much life spritz to keep still, unto which you are in trouble! for such, and taking those forces to redefine as a celebration.

the space of listening to your favorite records create an auric cathedrel.
nobody else gets it fully, when that song recharges you. gives you confidence, dances with the pains and persists you to do-your-own-thing
others doubted out.

Memories are stagnant residue floating around the ether














kali yuga


Kali Yuga

not bored

Kali Yuga








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Certain Thrill (released 12/6/2023), released as Lome Marsupial. All rights reserved.



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